Creative process

Our clients ask us about how we create such spectaculars developments. We don’t have a recipe, but we know the way that we need to trace.


• Initially, we understand the neighborhood, the community and the people who live in it;

• Then we seek help in science: do market and consumer research;

• And we want to know what the market need most. We speak with great real estate, consultants and people.


• We seek references in the world and are inspired by the best;

• We gather a winning team of architects, designers and engineers and do a great debate;

• We formalize a concept and therefore initiate our journey of creation.


• We idealize a concept. Discard. Then start from scratch;

• We come to another concept. We change it and perfect it;

• One, two, three, four, five... sometimes we get to ten reviews;

• How long? Creation is an art and we do not measure the time.


• We present for our sales partners;

• We present to some of our future clients;

• And we expect only one reaction: passion for the product.

And if nothing is as we wanted, we go back to the beginning. The obsession for the perfect is what keeps our passion alive.


Architecture is a passion all over the world.