Villaggio Iguatemi

With an area of 170.000sqm, the Villagio Iguatemi was released in 2003 and it is a big urbanization area, having today more than 10 residential buildings, 4 commercial buildings, 1 shopping mall - Iguatemi Caxias do Sul and 1 supermarket. The venture was responsible for the urbanization that, nowadays, is one of the noblest areas of Caxias do Sul.

The Reserva Toscana

A project inspired in one of the most beautiful regions of Italy and guided by contemporaneity. The Reserva Toscana development was launched in 2009 and contemplates a total of 46 hectares, in the municipal zone area ZR3, that provides different uses in all of the enterprise's stages; from this total, 7 hectares are a preserved area, which assures the organization's commitment with the environment and sustainability issues. The venture delivers fullinfra-structure: asphalt paving, water, light, pluvialdrain, sewer system, public lighting with concrete poles and lamps with sodium steam, landscaping and concrete curb.

Siena Residenza and the Vivendas de Livorno

The house developments integrate another stage of the Reserva Toscana project, which first step, launched in July 2011, was 100% sold and got viable to construction. The Siena Residenza contemplates an area of 6,4 hectares, which is equivalent to 83 lots, while the Vivendas of Livorno has 7,9 hectares, resulting in 85 lots.
OThe ventures are focused to both organizational and residential activities. And they have infrastructure, asphalt pavement, water, light, pluvial drain, sewer system, public lighting and landscaping, along with seven hectares of preserved green area. The Siena Residenza and the Vivendas of Livorno are in a strategic location, bordering RSC-453 road, one of the main accesses to the city.

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