We are different

What matters to you?
For us, what really matters is to offer our clients the most different, innovative, beautiful and special projects. We like to surprise, delight and create aspirational products. We are obsessed with the new and different and not happy to do the same as others.


We think ahead. We innovate. We create references.
Our creations are always aspirational, timeless, interactive and innovative.

  • • Timeless architecture with a strong presence of glass skins;
  • • Details that provide movement and fluidity;
  • • Imposing facades that stands out by harmony of the whole;
  • • Composition with art pieces and poetic elements.
  • Technology

    We are passionate about technology and innovation. Want to see? Here is a short list of some of our latest technologies:

  • • Garages with electrical outlets (for all projects);
  • • Smart Elevators (for all projects);
  • • Apartments ready for automation (for all projects);
  • • Reflexive and Thermic glass;
  • • Biometric locks;
  • • Infrastructure Delivery for digital security camera system (for all projects);
  • • USBs sockets (for all projects).
  • Decoration Kit

    We spoil our clients and we do not like to deliver the basics.

    We always have a choice of 3 apartments ready-to-use. For each kit, we have different types of products and ways of customization:

  • 1) Entry Kit: floors, ceilings and lighting. Apartment ready to move in;
  • 2) Premium Kit: Kit Entry + Kitchen and rooms cabinets + Sinks and countertops carved + air conditioners stands;
  • 3) Top Kit: delivered as decorated sale.
  • Finishing

    The satisfaction of our client does not end when buying our property. He also expects us an exquisite finish.

  • 1) We have a motto: "We build our buildings as if they were for ourselves";
  • 2) We deliver all common areas equipped and decorated;
  • 3) Our garages are themed and beautiful. We do not understand why the garages of buildings are so ugly;
  • 4) We think of all the details: corridors, doors, locks, baseboards, ceilings, cinchona, garden, technical slab, etc.
  • 5) We have a quality team, independent and autonomous.
  • 6) We offer options for "Decoration Kits", allowing to receive the property ready to move.
  • Function

    Search and talk a lot to our clients. That’s what makes us produce the best blueprints and spaces.

    All our products have:

  • • Modern Types and multiple choices of blueprints (at least 3 different options);
  • • Integration between rooms;
  • • Wide possibility of customization;
  • • Complete leisure area, with all the sophistication and practicality possible.
  • Location

    We always seek the best land in the most aspirational neighborhoods.

    Location is everything. Not only for the convenience of our clients, but also for deploy our spectacular projects.

  • • Be the view, the green, the sunsets, the topography, the proximity, we always seek something to inspire our projects;
  • • For us, mobility is important. We seek land to provide convenience to our customers;
  • • In all our developments, we map and show clients the distances of the main references of the city;
  • • We want a better world. So, we created a Bike Sharing in all our developments.
  • Sustainability

    We want a better world for our children.

    First of all, we are citizens who seek to improve the world we live in.

  • • Work-Clean: our projects seek to have minimal impact on the implementations neighborhood;
  • • Materials: we seek to use recyclable and easy target materials;
  • • Waste Management: our projects follow the rules of waste and leavings management;
  • • Water rate: our buildings are built aiming at the maximum use of rainwater;
  • • Bike Sharing: all our projects have an area to share bicycles;
  • • Rational Use of Energy: smart elevators; stairs with presence sensor; LED lights in public areas.